(15910) [WEB+WAP] SelectMyPolicy Health Insurance Quotes (Green LP) - US - CPL

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Offer Name: (15910) [WEB+WAP] SelectMyPolicy Health Insurance Quotes (Green LP) - US - CPL
Payout: $5.00 / CPA
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Categories: Insurance
Network: Rainmaker Network
Last Updated: Nov 26, 2021
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(15910) [WEB+WAP] SelectMyPolicy Health Insurance Quotes (Green LP) - US - CPL
Promotion Allowed: Email, Display, Search, Text Ads, Social. Allowed GEO: US Conversion Flow: CPL - valid lead submit Restrictions: No incent traffic (hard, soft, offerwall, virtual currency, etc.) No surveys, giveaways, or sweepstakes No content-unlocking No pop-up (CPV) No path traffic No adware Email must be verifiable opt-in data and CAN-SPAM compliant. Mobile and Social Media placements must be approved prior to going live. Any unauthorized creative found to be in use will be blocked and will not be paid for. Search traffic is allowed, however, the publisher may not bid on trademark terms including any insurance company's name, domain name, or any misspelling of the company's name and domain name. No incent traffic will be paid for. Any Restricted traffic sources found in use will be blocked immediately and will not be paid (including past Fraud traffic (as determined by 3rd party fraud detection service) will be filtered out, blocked, and will not be paid for. Lead returns include but are not limited to the following dispositions: Duplicate, fraudulent, incentivized, survey, sweepstakes, giveaway, never requested quote, wrong phone number, test lead, lied on application, all numbers provided are disconnected or incorrect, the lead is a duplicate received within the last 45 days, contact information is blatantly incorrect or false, contact did not request a quote and has no intent to buy, Language Barrier cannot be overcome. It's allowed to use custom creatives, but they must be approved before going live.

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