Elite Balance FitWatch (Trial) (US) (Survey Allowed)

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Offer Name: Elite Balance FitWatch (Trial) (US) (Survey Allowed)
Payout: $20.00 / sale
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Categories: general / ecommerce
Network: Express Revenue Inc
Last Updated: Apr 13, 2021
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Elite Balance FitWatch (Trial) (US) (Survey Allowed)
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Express Revenue Inc

Express Revenue, Inc. was founded in 2008 by experienced industry professionals who worked as advertisers and publishers with affiliate networks, but had yet to find the optimal solution. Based on knowing exactly what advertisers and publishers want, ER was created as a performance-based network founded on the ideals of dedicated and individualized service, diversification of options, security to all parties involved, and transparent integrity.

Express Revenue knows what affiliates want, so we keep it simple: the highest CPA rates and rate-matching, guaranteed and on-time payments, ability to build-out custom campaigns, access to a wide-range of offers including ER-only exclusives, dedicated individual Account Managers, and scalable solutions.

It’s no secret that our success is directly related to yours, and ER’s goal is to both grow your bottomline (from matching other network’s payouts to bumping your rate as your volume grows to speeding up your pay schedule) and increase your reach and differentiation (such as helping you to build-out custom campaigns managed by your own dedicated Account Manager). We want this to be not just a one-stop-shop for your all your performance-based marketing needs, but your ONLY stop. Let’s get started today!

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