RoboCash VN CPS

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Offer Name: RoboCash VN CPS
Payout: €8.40 / CPA
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Categories: PDL International
Network: SalesDoubler
Last Updated: Sep 27, 2022
Countries: VN
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RoboCash VN CPS

RoboCash VN - is a new and innovative system that can automatically process 1800 different customer data.

Payout for CPS 1st Issued Loan - 8,4 EUR.

Bonuses / Bonus grid:

  • 1-9 - 8,4 EUR
  • 10-19 - 10 EUR
  • 20-50 - 11,2 EUR
  • 51-100 - 12,8 EUR
  • 100+ - 14 EUR

GEO: Vietnam.

Benefits of the affiliate program:

  • over 317,000 clients;
  • approval rate up to 90%;
  • service is fully automated;
  • it only takes 10 minutes to get a loan.

Only advertiser's promo materials are allowed. To request additional promos and agree on your own options, please contact network support.
Breaking this rules can be fined, up to the complete cancellation of conversions and a ban!

FB brand pages are prohibited for this offer. Affiliates who use them will be banned.

In the case of collecting leads on your site, you must obtain permission to collect and process data from the user in accordance with the laws of the country in which the service operates.


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