Vulkan Russia | Baseline | KZ, RU

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Offer Name: Vulkan Russia | Baseline | KZ, RU
Payout: $50.00 / CPA
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Categories: Gambling / Casino
Network: Advendor
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2021
Countries: KZ / RU
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Vulkan Russia | Baseline | KZ, RU

Many experts consider Vulkan Russia to be the best gambling club in the Russian Federation. This resource has a good selection of only popular and high-quality slots, and it offers all kinds of attractive tournaments, generous lotteries, profitable promotions. In the process of creating the service were used modern technologies, because the club is extremely stable, without failures and freezes. All this makes the leisure of the players very comfortable and fun. No matter if you are starting or you are an experienced gamer-there is a place for everyone.


Paid target: accumulative baseline 2 USD within 7 days. The payout depends on the traffic source:

  • $50 – сontext;
  • $45 – AppStore;
  • $40 – Google Play, SEO;
  • $35 – Facebook, VK;
  • $30 – Instagram, Youtube;
  • $25 – teasers.

NB! If you have another source of traffic, please contact your manager for information about the payout.

Minimum deposit: 50 RUB.

Registration fields with social networks: yes.

Number of registration fields: 2.

Target audience: men 21-45 years old – about 90% of the target audience, it makes sense to focus on the representatives of those professions. The rest of the people – about 10%.

IMPORTANT to target a solvent audience with an average or high monthly income, which regularly makes online purchases. Not allowed to target a non-working, non-solvent audience that is looking for easy money in the network.

Allowed GEO for traffic: KZ, RU.

Strictly prohibited:

  1. Target for the audience under 18;
  2. Incent traffic and multiple accounts.

Traffic will be not paid if:

  1. Traffic that falls under one or more restrictions from the list above.

Affiliates are not allowed to create their banners or Landing Pages without approval.

It is necessary to divide various traffic sources regardless of their type for better optimization. For each of your sources, create a new one in the ‘Traffic Sources’ panel and use it as a tracking link.

Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.


To check the quality of traffic, 10 conversions within a week are required.

Users must be active (repeated visits to the site, deposits).

Repeat rate (RR) – 100% (it is repeated deposits).

Revenue per paid – from $10.


The first platform in affiliate-marketing, which from the very first day of operating, since 2015, successfully monetizes growing interest towards crypto- technologies and is one of the leaders among other affiliate networks working on the CPA (cost-per-action) basis.

Advendor was the first ever network in affiliate marketing to present and successfully run an ICO offer. Most respected and trusted crypto-related companies work with Advendor on exclusive rights, allowing their affiliates to work with most profitable rates.

Advendor has a team of 20 professionals with great experience behind them, with each one of them are more than willing to assist new advertisers and affilitaes to reach their goals. Advendor offers weekly payouts in BTC, innovative approach, partnerships only with TOP advertisers and much more. At the moment there are more than 200 offers in catalogue covering most popular verticals, such as: Cloud-mining, ICO, Exchanges, Gaming, Gambling, Mobile, Finances, Dating and more.

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