Casino-X | UA (CPA)

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Offer Name: Casino-X | UA (CPA)
Payout: $30.00 / cpa
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Categories: Casino & betting
Network: Leadbit
Last Updated: Dec 04, 2021
Countries: UA
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Casino-X | UA (CPA)

FTD baseline: 1 grn
Payout - 30 $
test cap 20 ftd
minimal 10 ftd for 1 payment

Preview URL:
Flow: CPA deposit from a new user

KPI: first deposit + subsequent activity on the platform. The only deposit made and the absence of further activity is regarded as fraud. Also, fraud is considered the same ip registration at the same time, a large number of attracted players with invalid profile data, for example, “qwerty qwerty” as a name and surname, or common payment means (for example, deposits from different players from 1 card or 1 wallet). If the ROI is unsatisfactory, the webmaster will be disconnected from the offer.

Prohibitions on sources: motivated traffic, cashback, any promo, where the specific amount of the 1st deposit is indicated (for example, "drop 1gr rubles and get your bonus"). fb/vk traffic - cloack only!!
Attention! Incoming deposits from traffic older than three months are not paid

Promo materials:
use strictly Offer’s promo materials, any other creatives must be approved with your manager before start

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Stats (from 29.05.2020):
new - registrations
confirmed - deposits



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