House of Indya [CPS] WW

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Offer Name: House of Indya [CPS] WW
Payout: 245.00-700.00INR / sale
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Categories: Apparel, Footwear, Accessories / Online stores
Network: Admitad Affiliate
Last Updated: Feb 03, 2023
Countries: 249 Countries
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House of Indya [CPS] WW

Company Description (Faballey) - Faballey seeks to empower young women all over the country to find their confidence and embrace who they are unrequitedly. FabAlley is a bold, inclusive, and fashion-forward brand aimed at arming women with fashion that is an extension of themselves. Every piece they make is an amalgamation of what our customer wants peppered with global influences such as the runways, street style, pop culture and social media – all merging together to create a one-stop-shop that delivers inimitable style for millennials.

Company Description (House of Indya) - Indya is a modern Indian Wear brand that was born out of the thought to re-invent traditional Indian fashion by considering the evolving lifestyle and aesthetics of the new-age woman. Not quite ethnic, and not all-out Western–the brand champions a unique concoction of the two by emphasizing contemporary silhouettes that are crafted in lush fabrics, and laden with traditional embroideries, and heritage prints and motifs, with breathtaking details to boot. Their clothes are designed bearing in mind the Indian body types, and conceived with a passion to make dressing up a lavish, yet effortless affair. 

Campaign Description - This is a cost per sale campaign where the publishers need to drive sales on Faballey's and House of Indya's website.

Region/ GEO - Worldwide

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