Be2 - CPL SOI - CZ - MOB, 30+

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Offer Name: Be2 - CPL SOI - CZ - MOB, 30+
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Categories: Mainstream Dating
Network: Alfaleads
Last Updated: Dec 09, 2022
Countries: CZ
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Be2 - CPL SOI - CZ - MOB, 30+

 Mainstream dating

  Target action: 

- Registration


- Czech Republic


  1. users 30+ y.o. (Android) - 1.2 EUR

  2. users 30+ y.o. (iOS) - 2.4 EUR


- Mobile

  Hold for beginners: 

- 30 days.

  Hold for trusted partners:

7-14 days.

 Offer description: 

Be2 - Online Dating service. The main objective of the site is to help single people find the most compatible partners for a serious relationship. The service has more than 760,000 registered users, including 57% of women and 43% of men. Be2 is anonymous, reliable and secure.


Target audience: men30+.

Test limit: 100 conversions daily.

Recommendations from Alfaleads:

The best sources of traffic: PPC, social networks.

As the creatives, you can use success stories and reviews about how a man was able to find love on this service. And also. prelanding with a collage of photos of beautiful girls and some small surveys.

Another great option would be prelanding with the video where a very pretty girl cute fooling around and under the video, there is a discussion in the comments among men, where you can find the link on her page.

Study what girls do men love in this country: look for statistics and results of social surveys. A competent approach will help you to drive more traffic.

With high volumes and quality of traffic, we can provide you with a higher rate, and develop creatives and prelanders.


Alfaleads is an international performance marketing agency focused on iGaming, Sports, Dating and Crypto verticals. The company is known on the market as a large and stable partner with an entire ecosystem for affiliate marketers to work.

Alfaleads has a strong affiliate team, a financial and legal department, media buying and R&D teams.

Why Alfaleads

Reliability and stability

The company has been on the market since 2016, and today Alfaleads has offices in 5 countries, more than 200 employees and massive expertise. The company has become a hub through which affiliate marketers can sell their traffic at the highest rates.

Exclusive deals

You will find exclusive offers only available at Alfaleads but also profitable KPIs, caps, and complete support. Partners do not need to spend time and effort on work with contracts and sales.

Legal assistance

Alfaleads has a legal division for affiliates — Alfa Defense. This project is for rendering legal and accounting support and representing affiliates before financial institutions and payment systems. The company's lawyers will help unblock the account and legalize your business.

Launch assistance

In a special Knowledge base you can find valuable articles from Alfaleads experts. The R&D team helps affiliates get started in new traffic sources and GEOs.

How to start

To get started with Alfaleads, navigate to the official website and hit the "Sign up" button. Then you need to fill out a registration form, attach statistics from other affiliate networks or programs and tell more about your traffic sources, preferred offer verticals, GEOs, average conversions per day, etc.

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