Empire Today - Carpets and Flooring (Social Promo)

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Offer Name: Empire Today - Carpets and Flooring (Social Promo)
Payout: $27.42 / flat
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Network: RingPartner
Last Updated: Jun 21, 2021
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Empire Today - Carpets and Flooring (Social Promo)


This campaign is looking for homeowners that are in need of new carpets or flooring for their home, specifically for new flooring installations.

Compliance Guidelines:

-This campaign requires all creatives to be approved. To have your application approved please submit creatives here within 24 hours after applying

**Please be advised that this campaign may require additional creative approval on the buyer's side if advertising is branded as "Empire Today", and this process can take up to 3 weeks. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.

-A note for ALL new publishers (as of January 7th, 2016): A 25 paid call per day cap will be in effect for the first 10-14 days. After a thorough traffic review is done, the advertiser will decide if the cap is to be lifted.

-Publishers must not bid on ANY Empire related terms, including these misspelled terms, for example: Empire Carpet, EmpireCarpet, Empire Flooring, Empirefloors, 800-588-2300, etc.  All should be negatives as phrase & exact match.

-Publishers must target specific zip codes found here

-This campaign only allows Social Promo Methods, if you are interested in other Promo Methods please apply to this Empire Today - Carpets & Flooring campaign

-No branded search (Ads cannot show up in search results for branded terms) 

-Cannot use Empire Today in keywords or in your URL

-If branding as “Empire Today” you must use the creatives provided by Empire Today, LLC (“Empire”) in full with all disclaimers & proprietary notices; no alterations, additions or combinations are permitted to Empire ad copy, colors, images, or logos to avoid misrepresentation

-Generic creatives with NO Empire Today verbiage, images or branding will be approved quicker

-No rewards / incentive traffic

-No lead form / co-reg / SMS / email traffic

-Please speak with a Sales Manager if you have any questions about creatives or Promotional Methods


Targeting Ideas & Suggestions:

-Target users looking for new installs of carpet & flooring

-Focus on different types of carpet or flooring


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