Tien Oi VN CPA

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Offer Name: Tien Oi VN CPA
Payout: 1.18 - 9.48 / cpa
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Categories: Credits / Finance
Network: CityAds
Last Updated: May 07, 2021
Countries: VN
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Tien Oi VN CPA


CityAds is a performance marketing network from Moscow, Russia that started in Year 2011 and have since grew to 10 offices globally. Our main focus is 4 segments in the industry; e-commerce, gaming, finance and travel.

We build our own tracking system from scratch with 150-200 developers working relentlessly to make it the best affiliate tracking platform for both advertisers and publishers.

It is a self serve platform with in-depth statistics, easy to navigate to find offers and automated payment system.

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