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Offer Name: JD.ru
Payout: 1-5% USD / sale
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Categories: Household appliances / Office, business, IT solutions / Gifts and souvenirs
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Last Updated: Feb 25, 2021
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JD.ru is the biggest company of direct online sales in China. It offers a wide range of quality authentic goods from reliable producers and designers for a good price and delivers them fast right to your door.

• Direct arrivals from the best producers with marketing permit
• Products meet Russian and international standards 
• Strategic cooperation with Intertek Group plc
• Own department of quality control 
Free shipping starting from 7 days
• Free shipping worldwide
• Certain products can be delivered by SPSR service (approximately 7 days anywhere in Russia)
• You can track your order by track-number

Guarantee service:

• Official guarantee for 1 year
• Guarantee is valid in Russian service centers
• Guarantee covers all smartphones and tablets 

Attention! The following information will help you build the promotion campaign in the most effective way:
Information on JD Collection:
1) №1 in direct sales: JD has 49% of the direct sales market (with no mediators)  
2) №1 in logistics: 123 warehouses in 40 cities, 3210 offices of own delivery service
3) №1 in electronics sales (in 2014 JD had 37.1% of electronics market)
4) Economic figures of JD collection are three times bigger than those of JD Mall
5) Sales volume of JD collection is 6 time bigger than sales volume of third-party sellers of JD Mall

Advantages of working with JD affiliate program:
1) Online shop from China - №2 in terms of popularity for Russian clients.
2) VAST audience in Russia and CIS. A lot of JD Collection brand fans. 
3) Quality creative materials.
4) Wide range of promo landings, promo offers, creative materials. 
5) The advertiser is open to your questions and needs.
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