kubofinanciero.com - Loans - MX - $15 CPL

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Offer Name: kubofinanciero.com - Loans - MX - $15 CPL
Payout: $15.00 / fixed
Preview: No Preview Available
Categories: Loans
Network: AffMoon
Last Updated: Mar 26, 2023
Countries: MX
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-People with at least 6 months of credit history
-People who need a loan of at least $10,000 MXN to $100,000 MXN
-People from 25 to 59 years old
-People with at least 1 financial credit or loan
-People with EXCELENT credit history (we only pre-approve people with at least 640 BC Score, no less)

Required conditions for applications.

-640 BC Score (very good or excelent credit history)
-at least 6 months of credit history
-at least 1 credit from a financial institution (we can't use phone credits or TV credits, etc.)


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