Bitcoin System - German - DE, CH, AT

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Offer Name: Bitcoin System - German - DE, CH, AT
Payout: $722.50 / cpa
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Categories: Crypto
Network: AdCombo
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2022
Countries: DE / CH / AT
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Bitcoin System - German - DE, CH, AT

Vertical: Forex
Flow: Converts on FTD (First-Time-Deposit). The min deposit is $250.
Description: (contains, type, service description, etc.)
Payout is passed in the postback.
Limits: Contact manager 
Restrictions: Incentive, fraud, bot, spam of promising false things "win free bitcoin" 
Offer has multiple postback set-up:

1. Initial - unpayable event; refers to a registration
2. Complete - payable conversion; means an FTD.
3. Loyalty - not used. 

Hold time: 14 days

Working hours of call-centers:
Monday-Friday (if any changes, you'll know that on Friday)


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