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Offer Name: XXXFUCKTOR (short flow) CPL SOI CA
Payout: $1.70 / fixed
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Categories: Dating adult
Network: AffSub2
Last Updated: Jun 17, 2021
Countries: CA
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AffSub2 Network is a new, modern, and innovative product created to bring together partners from all over the world aiming to develop successful and trustworthy relationships with clients by providing the best return for Advertisers and highest possible revenue for Publishers.

We have extensive experience in affiliate practices and are willing to help our partners to develop and successfully monetize their projects. Each offer is optimized by our team of skilled specialists and professionals to make sure that we provide our partners with the highest commission.

Why affiliates choose AffSub2:
- Wide variety of direct, exclusive and in-house offers in Dating (Mainstream & Adult), Cams, Sweepstakes and other verticals;
- Our internal mediabuy team drives traffic to offers, so we always propose our clients only BEST performing campaigns;
- Efficient smartlink solution with high performing LPs and offers - the best option to start cooperation for users with social traffic;
- We develop apps to help our top affiliates run traffic from google\fb without spending their time for endless google approval issues;
- Weekly payments, flexible payment terms;
- 24/7 of best customer service.

Our capabilities for Advertisers:
- TRUST. Your offers will be handed to our trusted affiliates, that have proven their quality.
- TRAFFIC. Here you will find most types of traffic. Starting from pops and push, going further to SEO and review.
- NO FRAUD. Got fed up with fraud leads? We too! Thats why we launched inner fraud detect system, which allows to keep the quality on top.
- VERTICALS. We love to keep an eye on world trends, that’s why we develop various verticals.

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