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Categories: Personal Care & Pharmacy / Online stores
Network: Admitad Affiliate
Last Updated: Nov 27, 2022
Countries: 249 Countries
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ISDIN is a leading company in European dermocosmetics, now present across the globe in over 40 countries. For over 45 years we have been at the forefront of skincare research, working hand-in-hand with scientific communities and dermatologists to provide a range of advanced skin solutions that combat sun damage and promote healthy skin.

One of the leading causes of skin damage is solar radiation. The sun causes 80% of skin aging, through repeated exposure to ultraviolet radiation. This process is referred to as photoaging. Our expert formulas focus on the most fundamental skin habits to combat photoaging and damage in the skin: protecting from the detrimental effects of the sun, repairing existing damage, and correcting the visible signs of aging.

Why join our programme?

  • We offer from 4% to 25% commission rates:

- Content / Influencers Publishers: 25% New ISDIN Buyers; 10% Existant ISDIN Buyers

- Coupon / Offer Publishers: 7% New ISDIN Buyers; 4% Existing ISDIN Buyers

  • Our Average Order Value is $110
  • 30 day cookie period
  • Regularly update banners with promotions, launches and awards
  • Mobile optimised site for a better user experience
  • Guaranteed safe checkout with multiple payment methods accepted
  • ISDIN works with raw materials minimizing environmental impact, does no animal testing, has an eco design and a sustainable distribution

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