Rapicredit is an online lending platform for short-term, unrestricted loans. Our clients decide how much money they need and the period to repay. The main features of the service are its flexibility, speed and the absence of physical procedures.

Credits can be requested for an amount between COP$110,000 and COP$750,000, with a minimum payment term of five (5) calendar days and up to thirty (30) days maximum. The first credit will only be up to COP$200,000 and its amount will depend on our risk assessment of the client. On the day of the payment of the credit, the client has the opportunity to obtain 30 more days for the definitive payment of the credit, as long as he pays on that day the pertinent charges (guarantee, platform, interests and VAT) that correspond to the run-in days of the credit.

  • Applying for credit is free of charge.

  • Customers do not have to wait doing lines, collect documents, or fill out paper forms, all the credit issuance process is online from their computer or cell phone.

  • It is a transparent service where we show the costs of the loan to the client before they start the application process.

  • Credit disbursements are made in less than 24 hours* (depending on the information and bank used by the client). Disbursements are made Monday through Friday until 5 pm and Saturdays until noon. Loans approved on Sunday are disbursed the next business day - usually Monday.

  • We are always open. Our customers can apply for credit every day, at any time and from anywhere in Colombia.

  • The client is committed to a payment date, however, if required, he may pay his loan earlier without incurring penalties.

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