ClickSmart® is an affiliate network that specializes in primarily homeowner offers. Because of their strict requirements from affiliates, they are able to obtain abnormally higher payouts. They have strict rules for affiliates and the quality of traffic their affiliates drive. This is also what allows them to get much higher payouts from advertisers than many other networks.

If you have unquestionable traffic then you will love working with them. They offer weekly payouts with only a $1k minimum balance, many perks and bonuses for new affiliates and around-the-clock assistance.

If you sign up with ClickSmart® you also get access to an email marketing masterclass through For more information you can apply using their signup link.

A lot of their offers allow pre-populating the ENTIRE form so conversion rates on them are astronomically high. This is hard to find, if not almost impossible with most networks and advertisers. 

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