Rehab Raw Call - Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR)

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Offer Name: Rehab Raw Call - Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR)
Payout: $80.00 / pay per call
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Categories: Addiction / Health / Pay Per Call
Network: Addiction Marketing Specialists
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2022
Countries: US
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Rehab Raw Call - Direct Advertiser (24/7, Nationwide, No IVR)

$45 per raw call, No IVR, 24/7.

Payouts are negotiable based off of the call quality.

Campaign Restrictions: 
None of the following are permitted: incentivized traffic, discount/coupon sites, co-reg, email blasts, software, SMS, Soleo, outbound call centers, Craigslist, or any source with low intent from the lead or caller. For keywords, do not use dynamic insertion aside from geography and do not target individual business names or competitors. Use negatives for 'aid', 'pro bono', 'free', 'low cost', 'referral', and avoid all language and keywords related to pricing. Do not make superlative claims such as 'best', 'most qualified', etc. Do not mislead the consumer into thinking you are an individual business. We reserve the right to increase or decrease payout on a per affiliate basis based on quality issues, targeting changes, etc.

Addiction Marketing Specialists

Addiction Marketing Specialists is a best in class network of residential treatment centers across the country, accepting both PPO and HMO insurance. Facilities call centers are staffed 24/7, and every call will get answered without any IVR's. We are looking for experienced publishers who drive compliant traffic, controlling their traffic sources, and have historical campaign performance metrics. We are looking for long term partnerships, not just affiliates.

Addiction Marketing Specialists is passionate about helping everyone who calls. We do our best to direct each caller to a nearby facility. Through our efficiencies, we feel we can help our affiliates generate the most revenue from their calls.