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Offer Name: Erexol IT
Payout: $27.00 / cod
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Last Updated: Dec 03, 2023
Countries: IT
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Erexol IT

Traffic from the regions is not accepted: 

-Como (commune of Arosio, commune of Campione d'Italia)
-Sondrio (commune of Chiuro, commune of Livigno)
-San Marino

Target audience: Age 50+

It is a requirement to request an individual daily cap from your manager, otherwise we reserve the right to not accept traffic fully or partially!

Other restrictions:

It is strictly forbidden:

• to use celebrities (actors, singers, athletes, comedians, fashion designers, influential people, inventors, models, politicians, reality show stars, representatives of royal families, famous bloggers, professors, journalists, large and well-known businessmen, practicing doctors, etc.

• to use names and symbols of state and religious structures, institutions, institutions, ministries, departments, other real state and religious clinics, including template sites with the logo of the above structures and institutions

CONTACT YOUR MANAGER BEFORE RUNNING THE CAMPAIGN, or we may cancel all the traffic that you have.


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