Sideline Swap_US, CA

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Offer Name: Sideline Swap_US, CA
Payout: 0.7% USD / sale
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Categories: Sports / Sports and Recreation
Network: Adpump
Last Updated: Apr 14, 2024
Countries: CA / US
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Sideline Swap_US, CA

SidelineSwap empowers athletes from all sports by enabling them to buy & sell new & used sports gear across the US and Canada. SidelineSwap has been named to the Andreessen Horowitz's A16z Top 100 marketplace list & has over 18k 5 star ratings.


Special terms regarding leads:

SidelineSwap will only pay out a lead commission when a product is listed to the website and purchased. If the item is not purchased after 60 days, SidelineSwap will void the commission for the product listing.

SidelineSwap will only pay out a lead commission for items that SELL for $50 or more. If an item is listed for $50 or more and SELLS for $50 or more, your commission will be paid. IF the item is listed for more than $50, but SELLS for less than $50, your lead commission will be voided. IF the item is listed for less than $50 and SELLS for less than $50, your commission will be voided.

If the customer has already posted an item for sale you will not get a commission. You will only get a commission for the first item a customer lists, not all items.


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