Zaimoo MX CPL

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Offer Name: Zaimoo MX CPL
Payout: $0.80 / cpl
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Last Updated: Mar 05, 2024
Countries: MX
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Zaimoo MX CPL

free loan aggregation service designed to enable customers around the world to get a loan with a 0% interest rate. Free registration in 10 seconds without verification and without commissions or hidden fees

push и email - in agreement with the advertiser

Prohibited types of traffic:
- motivated traffic;
- brokerage traffic and filling out the questionnaire manually by any methods;
- CASHBACK traffic;
- SPAM mailings;
- missleads;
- brand context;
- Penalizes any mixing of motivated or any other type of prohibited traffic to permitted sources.

Hold (traffic check) 14 days.
The life of a cookie is 14 days.
The action taken is a unique ticket from a new customer.
Borrower requirements:
- a citizen of Mexico;
- age from 18 to 65 years.


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- Simple lead forms
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