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Payout: $18.00 / cpa
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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2023
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VayVND - one of the leaders of online microloans in Vietnam. We issue unsecured loans 24/7.

Goal: CPA

Hold: 60 days

Client Profile

  • Traffic recommendations:
  • from 22 to 60 years old
  • Geography: Vietnam
  • CMND availability
  • With a stable job and income of 2 million VND and above
  • No bad credit history

Additional information

First loan:

  • Loan amount: up to 15 million VND
  • Duration: up to 30 days
  • Rate: 1.5% per day

Credit issuance channel:

Credit for the first time: only through a bank account/bank card with the condition that the name of the bank account/card matches the name in the application (and the application ID).

Repeat Payment channel:

Banks, Viettel, MoMo e-wallet.

The following traffic conditions are prohibited

  • Pop-Up window / ClickUnder/Pop-Under
  • Toolbar or toolbars
  • Cashback – MUST BE APPROVED BY THE advertiser

Social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.):

  • Creating a Brand page/groups
  • Providing misleading and unreliable information about VayVND services
  • Motivated traffic

The following ads are prohibited

  • Complete tasks for any bonuses
  • Any stimulating traffic is strictly prohibited (the webmaster promises or provides Users with any bonuses for the fact of submitting an application).
  • Branded landing pages-MUST BE APPROVED BY the advertiser
  • Adult traffic
  • Broker traffic. The VayVND affiliate program prohibits any "brokerage" traffic. Applications must be completed by the borrowers themselves!

Contextual advertising (Google AdWords, Bing&Yahoo Ads, CocCoc): it is forbidden to use brand mentions and drive traffic directly to,

It is forbidden to use keywords: vayvnd,, vay vnd, vay vnd site, vay vnd dong, vay vnd.

Penalties for violations

In case of violation, the webmaster will be excluded from the VayVND Partner Program and no remuneration will be paid to the webmaster for the reporting period (the last month).


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