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Offer Name: Govee_UK,US,CA,EU
Payout: 3.8-7.7% USD / sale
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Categories: Household appliances / Homeware / Garden and orchard
Network: Adpump
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2024
Countries: 24 Countries
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Govee is devoted to enhancing people's life with smart home technology. Right now we have product categories including smart led lights, bulbs, thermo-hydrometer, water sensor and more, which are all hot selling across all channels.

Home Improvement Customer New- 7.7%
Home Improvement Customer Existing- 6 %
Car Lights Customer New- 7%
Car Lights Customer Exiscitng-5.3%
Outdoor Lights Customer New- 6 %
Outdoor lights Customer Existing- 4.6%
Indoor Lights Customer New- 5.3%
Indoor Lights Customer Existing- 3.8%
Default - 4.6 %


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