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Type Pop, In-Page Push, Web Push, Banner, Video, Social Bar, Push-Notification, CPC, Native, CPM, Display, Interstitial, In-Page
Mobile Yes
Desktop Yes
Retargeting Yes
Managed Yes
Self Serve Yes
JOIN NOW - Smart advertising platform for website monetization

The project is designed specifically as an ultimate way to monetize your traffic using simple integration and popular ad formats: Browser Push notifications, In-page Push, Popunder, Display and Video by CPM / CPC models

We invite everyone to who wants to make money on the traffic of their sites.

We offer all the most popular formats:

1. Browser push notifications - this is a classic browser push notification. Requires the visitor to accept a push request. But they give an incredible opportunity to send push notifications to users even if they are not currently on your site.

2. In-page Push - No subscription required from users, In-Page push notifications to everyone on your site! In-Page Push banners are similar to classic push notifications. Monetizes all types of traffic, including iOS.

3. Popunder is Onclick ads, also known as Popunders, which is a monetization source and one of our most effective ad formats in terms of revenue. These full-screen ads are user-initiated and appear in a new tab or browser window to monetize each visitor.

4. Display is banner and native advertising. You can see them daily on dozens of sites. Can contain both static and animated creatives. Choose from a variety of banner sizes.

Thousands of webmasters, advertising agencies, affiliates, and publishers are already working with us.

For each client, we offer cool tools:

1. Insanely easy integration, plug & play - place a script of any advertising format on the site and the advertisement starts working, and you earn money.

2. Fast payments by the most popular methods - no long holds and a low threshold for payments on demand; you shouldn't waste time looking for the best options, we offer the most convenient payment terms.

3. Global coverage - all your traffic can be monetized. We have a huge number of advertisers in every country and every niche, so there are no empty advertising slots.

4. Friendly support - A team of professionals who are always ready to help. Communication is possible through different channels.

5. Real-time reports - Track your performance in real-time. A variety of filters allows you to work with data exactly as you need it.

6. Compatible with AdSense - Our ad formats are suitable for any monetization strategy and most other ad networks. Increase your profits even if you need a mix of ad formats to monetize your traffic.

7. Flexibility and Functionality - Extremely powerful and easy to use self-serve platform - fast connection, simplified ad editor, and detailed real-time reporting to track your progress.

With over 1 billion ad requests per day, we strive to be the best of these solutions, helping website owners make money on every opportunity.

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