Traffic Details - Dao.Ad

Type Push-Notification, In-Page Push, Pop, Video, Native
Mobile Yes
Desktop Yes
Retargeting No
Managed Yes
Self Serve Yes

Dao.Ad (ex-Daopush) -  is a multi-format advertising platform that provides mutually beneficial cooperation for - advertisers, media buyers, webmasters, and ad networks.

We use our own  unique in-house platform with a useful set of embedded tools and easy-to-use interface.

During the day we make  about 1 billion impressions around the world (covering more than 174 countries worldwide)

Ad Formats:
- Push notifications
- In-page push
- Pop
- Video
- Native

Key Features for webmasters

  • Smart system of the ad rotation, we garniture high and stable CPM rates for webmasters
  • 100% fill-rate for any niches, GEO’s or type of device.
  • Safe monetization of any sites - ad code  for https and http protocols.
  • Easy ad tag integration and protection from Google penalty.
  • Large set of landing pages and ability to send traffic to our direct links.
  • Daily payments  with minimum of just $10 and a diversity of payment methods 

Key Features for advertisers

  • Global reach - Dao.Ad delivers about 1 billion impressions around the world (covering more than 174 countries worldwide);
  • Deep targeting - ISP, Country, platform, OS version and many others.
  • HQ traffic due to advanced anti-fraud/anti bot system 
  • Detailed statistics in the various slices (real-time) and strategic analysis tools for further improve ROI
  • Great variority of working verticals - Dating, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Crypto, Gambling, Betting. Adult creatives are allowed
  • Diversity of automatic payment methods including cryptocurrencies.

The min deposit is only 20$

  • Fast moderation and dedicated support 24/7

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