Traffic Details - PropellerAds

Type Pop, In-Page Push, Push-Notification, Interstitial, CPM, CPC
Mobile Yes
Desktop Yes
Retargeting Yes
Managed Yes
Self Serve Yes

PropellerAds is the top Push, Popunder and Interstitial traffic source. Among their benefits are:

  • 10 billion ad impressions a day in 195+ geo
  • Demographic and Interests Targeting for Push ads
  • In-Page Push traffic – a traffic type for Push campaigns that allows you to target iOS and Mac devices
  • Direct Click traffic for Popunder campaigns that might bring 120 times higher CR than any other traffic type
  • CPA Goal – a new-generation optimization tool that boosts your campaign to reach the conversion price you set with no effort on your part.
  • Powerful anti-fraud technology and A / B testing tools

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