Traffic Details - AdOperator

Type Pop, In-Page Push, CPC, CPM, Push-Notification
Mobile Yes
Desktop Yes
Retargeting No
Managed Yes
Self Serve Yes

Transform Your Digital Strategy with AdOperator: Where Innovation Meets Efficiency

For Advertisers:
Elevate your campaign's reach and precision with AdOperator. Our platform is designed to skyrocket your performance metrics across the board.

* Deep Targeting: Tailor your campaign like you need. Whether it’s by browser, OS, geographical location, or even specific IP ranges, our granular targeting options ensure your ads hit the mark every time.
* Flexible Pricing Models: Choose between CPC or CPM models to align perfectly with your budget and campaign goals.
* Global Reach: Tap into a worldwide audience from over 200 countries, expanding your brand's footprint like never before.
* Multi-Channel Mastery: Seamlessly integrate your campaigns across various channels including push notifications, in-page push ads, and popunder ads for maximum engagement.
* User-Friendly Experience: Get started in just two clicks with our intuitive interface, and enjoy rapid campaign approvals.
* Round-the-Clock Support: Our dedicated team is always on hand, offering 24/7 live chat support to ensure your campaigns run smoothly.

For Publishers:
Turn your digital space into a revenue-generating powerhouse with our cutting-edge tools.

* SmartTag & SmartLinks: Our SmartTag technology intuitively selects the best ad formats for your site, optimizing for maximum profitability. For affiliate marketers, our SmartLinks are perfect for monetizing direct links or specific traffic without needing a website.
* Daily, Hassle-Free Payments: Start earning with a minimum threshold of just $20 and enjoy the convenience of daily payments. We support a wide range of payment methods, ensuring you get your earnings how and when you want them.

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