Traffic Details - Geozo

Type Native, CPC
Mobile Yes
Desktop Yes
Retargeting No
Managed Yes
Self Serve Yes

Geozo is an international platform for native advertising. With its user-friendly platform and expert support, Geozo stands out as a flexible and profitable option for both advertisers and publishers.

Why try native ads?

  • Resistant to ad blockers: Ensure your ads are seen by wider audiences.
  • Higher clickability: 85-95% more clicks than banners, CTR is up to 3 times higher.
  • Enhanced Engagement: 20–60% higher engagement rates.

Why advertise with Geozo?

  • High-quality traffic: Reach audiences of popular websites and media holdings.
  • Diverse geos: Europe, Latam, Asia, CIS; new countries are added on a monthly basis.
  • Affordable prices: Media buying on a CPC basis without overheated bidding competition.
  • Loyal moderation: There are sources even for the boldest advertisements.
  • Easy start: Simply launch ads and start receiving traffic immediately, no additional software required.
  • All verticals welcomed: Managers can recommend traffic sources for any offer.

In March 2024, Geozo integrated traffic from a News Feed, significantly expanding its inventory of quality sources. Contact Geozo to learn more about the News Feed and how to benefit from this integration.