- Mobile/Desktop [CL, CR, PR] SOI 25+ Adult

Offer Details:

Offer Name: - Mobile/Desktop [CL, CR, PR] SOI 25+ Adult
Payout: $0.90 / cpl
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: Dating - Mainstream
Network: Cpamatica
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024
Countries: CL / CR / PR
Run Offer - Mobile/Desktop [CL, CR, PR] SOI 25+ Adult

Conversion point: user needs to register.

Allowed Devices: mobile, desktop, tablet.

Recommended traffic: seo, smm, search advertising (with key words restrictions), web display, social networks advertising (with sources restrictions), native ad networks.

Restrictions: spam, push, doorway pages, incentive, sms, fraud, toolbar traffic, craiglist, coregistrations, email traffic, viral traffic, brand bidding, torrent, no traffic from other affiliate networks without a written approval in advance.


  • Invalid or Fake leads will not be paid. Restrictions to use in creatives worlds "free", "without payment" etc. In case of using these creatives traffic will not be paid

  • Best sources with good performance and CR: native ads, display.

  • It is allowed to use creatives only with photos from Loveeto site and photo banks. It is not allowed to use pics of celebrities, actors/actress or any other famous people on banners, pre-landers etc

  • All custom creatives and LP’s must be approved, no exceptions.

Key words restrictions (and variations):

1) Affiliates are not allowed to advertise in search advertising using keywords specific to As well as domain names, including misspelling.

2) Affiliates are not allowed to use exact matches as well as any variations, including misspelling, domain names of competing dating sites.


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