(NANOC) Nano C High Absorption Vitamin C Booster

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Offer Name: (NANOC) Nano C High Absorption Vitamin C Booster
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Last Updated: May 22, 2024
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(NANOC) Nano C High Absorption Vitamin C Booster
Most of your audience is vitamin C deficient and they don't even know it!! This VSL will inform them to buy this awesome C booster that keeps everyone healthy and happy!!! Give it a send and you see the love in the form of dollars it generates! Send a few sales, get a pay bump! It's easy, everyone can do it, especially you :) Nano C is a cut above other Vitamin C supplements. Or we should say, it’s thousands of cuts smaller. Most supplements deliver Vitamin C with particles 100 times larger than your enterocyte openings. It doesn’t fit, so most of it never reaches your bloodstream, and just gets flushed away. But with Nano C, the Vitamin C Particles Are Up To 30x Smaller Than Your Enterocyte Openings That’s why your body absorbs it 2-3x better than many other sources of Vitamin C. And it’s up to 1,000x more active inside your body.


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