CrediClic MX CPL

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Offer Name: CrediClic MX CPL
Payout: $0.90 / cpl
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Last Updated: Sep 28, 2023
Countries: MX
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CrediClic MX CPL

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Crediclic MX CPL - credit application

Description of the company: we are a 100% Mexican company, which helps people looking for financial products to reach the one that is most convenient for them, and the one that will approve them.

Type of the advertisement campaign:CPL

Description of the accepted action: unique loan application submitted on

Description of the reasons, for which the action may be declined:
Minimum 21 years old, maximum 60 years old
If they are over 60 and have income (retired)
Medium-low socio-economic (i.e. minimum demonstrable income of 7,000 pesos)
The whole republic, but urban DF users work better, etc.
Bank users (with a bank account)

GEOtargeting: MX, Mexico

Life length of the cookie file: 30 days by default

Time for processing and confirming of the results: validation report twice a month

Accepted traffic sources: Push, SMS, Whatsapp, Social, Emailing & Display

Forbidden traffic sources:: Adwords, pop


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