Yoox Many GEOs

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Offer Name: Yoox Many GEOs
Payout: 7.60% / sale
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Categories: Online stores / Apparel, Footwear, Accessories / Marketplaces (including Chinese Stores)
Network: Admitad Affiliate
Last Updated: Oct 27, 2021
Countries: 249 Countries
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Yoox Many GEOs

Increased commission rate = 7.6%, during 21.10.2021 - 30.11.2021!

Mid-Autumn – 25% OFF top-selling products

yoox.com is the leading multi-brand virtual store of fashion and design, founded in 2000.

Due to the long and direct cooperation with designers, manufacturers and authorized dealers we offer an endless variety of things, including:

· A wide choice of articles of clothing and accessories of the end of a season from the most prestigious world designers;
· Exclusive capsule collections; · Eco-friendly fashion; · A unique range of home decoration items;
· The rarest vintage finds and books.

yoox.com - "Powered by YOOX Group". The YOOX Group company has offices and logistic centers in the USA, Europe, Japan and China and provides the exclusive level of client service:
· yoox.com sends more than 1 million orders per year to 67 countries of the world;
· fast and safe delivery;
· easy procedure of return and the highest level of client support.

Why to participate in the affiliate program Yoox Asia?

Affiliate program Yoox Asia is simple, free and allows you to earn up to 10% of each sale through your site. You can choose the graphics and product catalogs that are most relevant to your taste. Due to this, you extend the content of your website and give visitors access to the widest range of clothing, shoes and accessories online. Our graphics is periodically updated by actual and exclusive offers. It allows adding variety and color to your site.

Yoox Asia is one of the leading multi-brand virtual stores, it offers you up to 10% of commission charges of each sale.

· Cashback websites / Loyalty Programs: 3%
· Coupon websites: 5%
· Basic Commission: 5%
· Content websites: 10%

The commission is calculated on the number of sales, net VAT, returns, and shipping costs.

Admitad Affiliate

Admitad was established in 2009 and currently, Admitad Affiliate Network serves over 2,000 advertisers and cooperates with over 800,000 publishers who brought more than 162 million target actions on Admitad customers’ websites in 2020 alone.

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