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Offer Name: Try Snow (Email)
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Last Updated: Jun 17, 2024
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Try Snow (Email)
Snow® Was Engineered To Be The Most Advanced Formula & Whitening Technology In The World. Snow®: For Skeptics, By Skeptics. Millions Of Dollars Of Research To Develop Top Product. #1 Recommended by Allure. 500,000+ Happy Customers User Flows/Conversion: Converts on Sale ***RESTRICTIONS*** •ABSOLUTELY NO BRANDED SEARCH ALLOWED (YOU MUST HAVE 'SNOW' AS A NEGATIVE KEYWORD, NO EXCEPTIONS) NO COUPON SITES, TOOLBARS, OR HIJACKING OF ANY SORT •Do not use FDA logo or "no sensitivity/zero sensitivity/FDA Approved" statements. •Any coupon codes or promotions must be ran with explicit approval. If you are found using any type of branded search, branded SEO, keyword bidding, coupon sites, or branded hijacking, your commissions will be forfeited and you will be banned from the program indefinitely. ***INFORMATION REGARDING COMMISSIONS BY CHARGEBACK*** •Payout amounts showing in the platform are not final until chargebacks during the pay period, if any, happen and are accounted for. You will not be paid commission for chargebacks relating to fraud, non-compliant advertising, or unapproved promotional methods. Chargebacks rarely occur, but are typically an indicator of improper promotional methods. Please make sure you are using proper promotional methods to mitigate the risks of chargebacks. •Any sales resulting from fraudulent activity, misrepresentation, unapproved promotional methods, or credit card fraud will result in immediate closure of your account and all affiliate commissions will be forfeit. Credit Card Fraud will be reported. *PLEASE NOTE THAT FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH TERMS AND CONDITIONS MAY RESULT IN DENIAL OF PAYMENT, OFFER PAUSES, OR YOUR ACCOUNT BEING CLOSED*

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